The IMO Assembly welcomes the RBSA to present the Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council

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RBSA on board of aircraft with sniffer sensor measuring emissions from ships

Wilfried Lemmens, Managing Director of RBSA, had the chance to fly aboard an aircraft equipped with a sniffer sensor to detect emissions from ships. The sniffer sensor is capable of measuring sulphur (SO2) and carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations in the exhaust plumes from ships.The supply ofLees Meer…

MIDC paving the way to the most promising alternative fuels for shipping

The Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council (MIDC) held a brainstorm session (engineers only :-)) hosted by the Belgian dreding company DEME. The main subjects of discussion were electrification, hybridization and alternative fuels for shippping. There was an intensive and fruitful debate on the pros and consLees Meer…

Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council presentation at IMO GHG working group

MIDC has given the clear message to the national delegates, present at the IMO GHG meeting, that the shipping industry is committed to reduce the GHG emissions from shipping significantly. The MIDC will again present its findings at MEPC 73 later this year.