Season’s Greetings from the Future of Belgian Shipping

21st December 2022

With the year coming to an end, the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association and its member companies would like to send you our sincerest greetings for the coming year.

“In 2022, despite the many challenges brought about the invasion of Ukraine, the continued disruptions of the global supply chain and the energy price hikes, Belgian shipping and the rest of the international shipping industry continue ensure the smooth running of global trade,” said RBSA Managing Director, Wilfried Lemmens.

“With the election of Belgium into the IMO Council in December 2021, our country continues to play its vital role in transforming the shipping industry for the future.

“We proactively promote the EU’s drive to spearhead the sector’s transition to zero emission, with our position on a dedicated Ocean Fund and financial incentives like Contracts for Difference.

“As I have mentioned in an earlier interview, to Belgian shipping zero-emission is an opportunity, not a threat. We demonstrated this recently at the IMO MEPC 79 with the concrete example of the Belgium-Namibia project to produce green hydrogen. Of course, this is but one example, as the path to zero is technologically-neutral and we need to support early trailblazers.

“We truly believe people are our best asset and they are the ones who are making our industry competitive and resilient. Besides activities to promote shipping to young people at the Tall Ship Races in the summer, we are working with the Antwerp Maritime Academy to continue to introduce to the next generations the myriad of career opportunities in Belgian Shipping.

“On this note, I present to you in the video below, season’s greetings from the Future of Belgian Shipping. Enjoy!”



Wilfried Lemmens
Arantxi Salvador
Elle De Soomer
Helene Smidt
Hilde Peeters
Marleen Wybo