Belgian Shipowners push EU to create the beating heart of Maritime Europe

8th November 2019

Last Thursday, the Maritime Industry Decarbonisation Council (MIDC) and CMB were invited to enter into discussion with members of the EU parliament during an ECSA event, hosted by the Danish MEP Ms P Weiss. The managing director of the Royal Belgian Shipowners Association (RBSA), Mr Lemmens highlighted the MIDC pathway to defossilize the maritime industry. He pointed out that only when all stakeholders are onboard, from engine suppliers to fuel producers, universities and shipowners and ports, the net zero emission ship can and will eventually set sail.

Many participants also welcomed the statement made by Mr Saverys, CEO of CMB, who emphasized the need and desire to bring research into the EU again. “If research to decarbonise this industry is going on somewhere in the world, it is in the EU, by EU shipowners” Mr Saverys said. The EU legislators and the EU shipowners are good allies to make the global shipping industry cleaner and greener. We are already at the forefront of the energy transition. “But” Mr Saverys added “ to succeed in this challenging ambitions, we need a  global level playing field, set out by the IMO”.