Belgium begins booster vaccine campaign for seafarers

8th December 2021

Following the inoculation of foreign and Belgian seafarers since June, Belgium is once again spearheading a booster vaccine campaign for these maritime workers starting 7 December.

The booster vaccine campaign is important because seafarers spend long days at sea in closed groups. A COVID-19 outbreak on board presents a serious risk. Above all, many of the seafarers come from countries where vaccines are not fully available for them,” said Belgian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for the North Sea, Vincent Van Quickenborne.

Also present at yesterday’s campaign launch was RBSA Managing Director, Wilfried Lemmens.

Since the start of the seafarer vaccination campaign in June, a total of 1113 Belgian seafarers and 8658 international seafarers have received their shots.

As one of the first countries to have started the booster vaccine campaign for seafarers, Belgium once again showcases the importance it places on the shipping sector by going boldly beyond for the safeguard and growth of international maritime trade.