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Here are the people of Belgian shipping telling you how they are going boldly beyond.

Going Boldly Beyond

It is crystal clear that Europe will lead the rest of the world in sustainable blue economy and global maritime affairs, thanks to our vision of being the world’s first carbon-neutral continent by 2050. By investing heavily in innovation and human capital, Belgian shipowners fully stand behind the goals of the EU’s Green Deal and Digital Strategy to go boldly beyond current technological limits so as to transform the maritime industry into a fully carbon-neutral and digitally-transformed sector. This campaign tells you where we are now and where we are going.

Wilfried Lemmens,
Managing Director of the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association.


Seafarers are our top priority because they make Belgian shipping best in the world.

In the course of their training and career, seafarers acquire much experience. Belgium’s maritime industry definitely has a vested interest in preserving such knowhow. As ships are impressive, precious achievements of technology and automation, shipowners will not entrust their vessels to anyone, but highly-qualified personnel.

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Through continuous investment in R&D, Belgian shipping is going boldly beyond to combat climate change.

Belgian shipping believes that maritime transport is the solution to achieve an environment-friendly economy, not an obstacle. Ships carry large volumes over long distances. This makes them the most sustainable form of transport. But that does not mean that shipping must stay with the packs. On the contrary, she must take action. Improve where it is better so that shipping preserves its lead on other means of transportation.

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The value of Belgian shipping lies in its ability to continuously transform itself, constantly going boldly beyond its current limits, to achieve world class excellence.

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Belgium is Europe’s gateway to global trade. Belgian shipping brings essential goods like raw material and food to and from Europe every single day of the year.

There is no denying of the crucial role played by shipping in our globalized world economy, as evidenced by the 90% share of sea-borne transport in the worldwide movement of goods. Therefore, there is no world trade without shipping. No other means imaginable would be capable of carrying clothes, food, oil, cars, electronics, etc. on such a large scale over thousands of miles. The shipping routes are the very arteries of our world economy, providing the system with its blood and oxygen.

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Belgian shipping forays boldly beyond into uncharted territories to find innovative solutions to tomorrow’s problems.

In the face of urgent and critical challenges posed by climate change and the energy transition, Belgian shipping is the global forerunner in revolutionary technologies and a leader in renewable energy.

Here’s why.

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