Belgian Shipping features daily nominee to celebrate first International Day of Women in Maritime

18th May 2022

To celebrate the first international day of women in maritime on 18 May as decided by the IMO last year, the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association has featured a woman nominee each day since 13 May also to mark the 10th anniversary of WISTA Belgium.

“Both occasions are a great opportunity for Belgian shipping to honour the women who work in our profession,” said Wilfried Lemmens, Managing Director of the RBSA. “and to remind ourselves of the great value in preserving and promoting equity and diversity in the maritime sector.”

Below are the nominees and the persons who nominated them to represent Belgian #WomenInMaritime.

Liesbeth Verhaert

Project Manager at CMB.TECH. She was nominated by Roy Campe, the CTO of CMB.TECH:
I nominate Liesbeth because she is a real team player. She is a smart and hard working engineer. She can think critically, yet she is open for feedback and willing to learn. I am happy to have her in the team of CMB.TECH where she is playing a major role in our sustainable projects for hydrogen and ammonia production.”

Eva Van Sande

Chartering Officer at Boeckmans NV. She was nominated by Frederic Verbraken, Chartering Manager of Boeckmans NV:
I nominate Eva because she’s always positive and enthusiastic, even on a Monday morning. Happy to have her in our team!

Helga Van Noten

Operator at Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB). She was nominated by Katrien Hennin, Marketing and Communications Manager of Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB):
I nominate Helga because she is very passionate about shipping and reflects that passion. Her charisma is very contagious which makes it a pleasure to work with her.”

Hilde Peeters

Head of Social and Fiscal Affairs at the RBSA. She was nominated by Yvan Vlaminckx, Managing Director of Fast Lines Belgium:
I nominate Hilde because she is so down-to-earth in her daily dealings and yet moves mountains to get the job done. Our seafarers would face serious problems if Hilde were not around. Hilde is truly exceptional!

Elisabeth Steenmeijer

Operator at Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB). She was nominated by Ronald De Pauw, Operations Director at Compagnie Maritime Belge (CMB):
I nominate Elisabeth because after gaining the necessary experience on board Chemical tankers in the rank of deck officer, Elisabeth has found her niche at the Operations’ table of the CMB Group. In my capacity as Operations Director, I can describe Elisabeth as a hard-working, dedicated and cheerful operator. It is therefore a real pleasure to work with her.”

Carmen Dewilde

President of WISTA Belgium. She was nominated by Catrien Scheers, Chairwomen of Fast Lines Belgium:
I nominate Carmen because she has sailed the Seven Seas as Belgium’s first female Captain. I got to know her as the enthusiast President of WISTA Belgium. Carmen breathes safety and today she shares her passion for safety as a trainer.”