Wilfried Lemmens

Managing Director

Wilfried Lemmens is the Managing Director and responsible for the daily operations of the organisation. Wilfried joined the Royal Belgian Shipowners’Association in 2015.

Ludovic Laffineur

Head of environmental & technical affairs - (Deputy Managing Director)

Ludovic Laffineur is head of environmental & technical affairs. He is a member of the Belgian delegation to the International Maritime Organization (IMO) environmental protection commitees since 2008, and in this position, he is in charge of all developments regarding emissions from ships to the air and to the water. He is also a member of several expert working groups of the European Commission discussing the transition of shipping towards cleaner fuels. Ludovic stepped into  the Royal Belgian shipowners association in 2008.

Elle De Soomer

Head of Legal Affairs, shipping policy & security

Elle De Soomer is head of Legal Affairs, shipping policy and security. Her main focus within shipping policy lies on smooth and unimpeded trade as well as short sea shipping. Concerning security she deals with piracy, migrants at sea and cyber security. Furthermore she is responsible for the organization’s communication and website administration. She has been working at the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association since 2011.

Hilde Peeters

Head of Social and fiscal affairs

Hilde Peeters is head of social and fiscal affairs. She promotes the interests of the Belgian shipowners in the social sectoral dialogue at national and international level. She is also responsible for industrial relations, social security and the training of seafarers. Together with Arantxi, she calculates the wages of seafarers. She became part of the team of the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association in 2014.

Arantxi Salvador

Management Assistant

Arantxi Salvador, our management assistant, is responsible for the daily office operations. She manages the agenda of the director, works out seafarer wage calculations jointly with Hilde, deals with accounting and takes care of the website in cooperation with Elle. Additionally she is tasked with organizing all RBSA events. Arantxi joined the Belgian Shipowners’ Association in 2015.

Marleen Wybo

Office supply manager

Marleen Wybo, our office supply manager, is responsible for checking child allowances, paid leave and Christmas bonuses for seafarers. Moreover she is in charge of RBSA archives and contacts. Additionally she prepares meeting rooms. Marleen has been a team member of the Royal Belgian Shipowners’ Association since 1980.