The education

Employment on board of a merchant navy vessel requires nautical training meeting the Standards for Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) of the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).

The Antwerp Maritime Academy is the only college in Belgium for academic training in Nautical Sciences and Marine Engineering.

In the Nautical Sciences department, deck officers are trained. Deck officers are responsible for the navigation of the ship, the voyage itinerary, maritime communication, cargo handling, etc. This training prepares the student for a career at sea which can lead ultimately to the level of Captain (Master).

In the Marine Engineering department, engineering officers are trained. The marine engineer is responsible for the preventive maintenance and repair of all thermal, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic installations aboard the ship, as well as for safety equipment. This training prepares the student for a career at sea which can lead ultimately to the level of Chief Engineer.

Training and studies in Nautical Sciences lead to a Bachelor’s Degree in Nautical Sciences (obtained after a period of three years) at STCW Operational Level (STCW II/1) and a Master’s Degree in Nautical Sciences (obtained after an additional period of one year) including STCW Management Level (STCW II/2) as a training module.

Training and studies in Marine Engineering lead to the STCW Operational level (STCW III/1) at the end of the 3-year bachelor’s degree, and the Management level (STCW III/2) after successfully completing the STCW components of the master’s degree.

The operational level leads to the ranks of 1st officer or 2nd officer engineer. The management level leads to the ranks of captain or chief engineer.

In addition to the regular training programmes, the Antwerp Maritime Academy also provides STCW Nautical Training, a modular programme specifically designed to meet the requirements of shipping companies. This training includes courses at operational and management level. Both STCW Nautical Training programmes are approved by the Belgian Federal Government Mobility Department. Graduates from each above-mentioned training programme obtain the certificates required to embark on a full-fledged maritime career.
Please refer to the Antwerp Maritime Academy website for additional information on the regular and modular training programmes provided. The academy organizes information days twice a year (mid-March and mid-May).

If you are looking for information on secondary-education level maritime training in evening or day courses you can find it here. Are you waterproof is a joint initiative from the maritime education institutions and maritime employers. The website offers complete information on training paths job descriptions and career options.