The numbers tell the tale

10th June 2017

The RBSA has been adhering to this principle for many years. In 2008, we measured the energy-efficiency of 43 vessels under the Belgian flag, in cooperation with the ‘Vlaams Instituut voor Technologisch Onderzoek’ (VITO). The results of this study were presented to the IMO.

In view of the discussions in Europe and at the IMO on energy efficiency of existing ships, the RBSA decided to perform a follow-up study in 2013. In cooperation with the University College of London we gathered detailed information (fuel consumption, distance, cargo, speed, etc.) of 128 Belgian merchant vessels from 2008 to 2013. With this project we now have probably one of the most detailed fuel consumption database worldwide. These data will allow the current debate at the EU and especially at the IMO on monitoring, reporting and verifying fuel consumption to progress. In April 2016 our colleagues from the Belgian Administration in charge of Maritime Transport provided us with the opportunity to give a presentation in the IMO’s plenary meeting room.