The RBSA creates the first international think tank on carbon-free shipping

10th June 2017

Decarbonisation is an issue that calls for urgent action: increased efficiency, technological innovation, access to finance, clear regulations are topics that should be tackled through a dedicated platform. In 2016 the RBSA took the initiative to set up a think tank where all stakeholders involved can orient  around steps in the decarbonisation pathway.

It will bridge the gap between shipowners, charterers, shippers, equipment suppliers, ship builders, the research community, banks and classification societies. This multi-stakeholders platform aims to ensure the development of an evidence-based policy on GHGs that will enable the sector to reduce its GHG emissions in the most cost-effective way.

It will orient around steps in the decarbonisation pathway, looking both at technical and operational measures that can be taken in the short term and about future measures that will require more intense thought and preparation. The measures will be of a technical and operational nature, but another major subject area will also need to be included, i.e. cross-cutting on finance/incentives/business case development. It is highly unlikely that technical and operational measures and new financial models only will lead to a decarbonized world. Any new development regarding low-carbon fuels will be an intrinsic part of the evaluations within the think-tank.