Economic value

No world trade without shipping

There is no denying of the crucial role played by shipping in our globalized world economy, as evidenced by the 90% share of sea-borne transport in the worldwide movement of goods. Therefore, there is no world trade without shipping. No other means imaginable would be capable of carrying clothes, food, oil, cars, electronics, etc. on such a large scale over thousands of miles. The shipping routes are the very arteries of our world economy, providing the system with its blood and oxygen.

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Ocean-going vessels amid worldwide competition

The client asks and the shipowner carries goods to any port worldwide. How does the client choose a specific shipowner? Reliability, speed and innovation certainly play a part. However, the price is actually the decisive factor. As a result, shipowners engage in daily competition with their colleagues from all over the world. Belgian shipowners cannot fail to experience that the international market is not really a level playing field.

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Compete on equal terms

European shipowners control approximately 40% of the world fleet. However, only a fraction of this total flies a European flag. A suitable State-aid policy is required to preserve the current European fleet and preferably to expand it. The existing State-aid guidelines must remain at the heart of this undertaking, in view of their positive effect on policy-making.

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