Top players in the tanker industry

Euronav is the world’s largest independent tanker company engaged in the ocean transportation and storage of crude oil. In 2021, Euronav owns and operates a fleet that consists of 2 V-Plus vessels, 45 VLCCs, 25 Suezmaxes and 2 FSO vessels.  Euronav seeks innovative solutions, utilising opportunities offered by the Big Data environment and by measuring operational indicators that affect voyage profile, such as fuel consumption, energy efficiency, hull coating performance, etc. Digitalisation and innovation are at the heart of our sustainability program to ensure our future relevance and competitiveness.

Introduction of revolutionary technologies

Exmar, a Belgian shipowner carrying LNG, LPG and ammonia, is a market leader in the medium-sized lpg-vessel segment. Truly innovative, this group operates a fleet of LNG-regasification vessels and ready-to-use LNG infrastructure projects.

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A leader in renewable energy

In Europe, Belgium is in the vanguard of wind energy development, having created much offshore wind turbine capacity in recent years. This capacity will grow in the next few years, with a view to making a major contribution to the achievement of emission reduction objectives.

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